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Monday, January 13, 2014

I learned this way of doing the last half of the split ring on Youtube.  It works great for me.

In this picture you can see I am almost done with the 3rd Daisy.

Finished all 3 daisies and I did the point of the heart and am now working on the border. Messed up on my closing of daisy #3.  So I have ends to hide.  Split rings up to the next daisy.

The finished Heart.  "Heart O' Daisies"
2 Done and 10 to go.

The 3rd one in the book is called "Heart Catcher" and has s 3-D butterfly in the middle.  It is considered Intermediate.

This one is mainly Split rings.  I am getting better and shaping them.  There is a knack to making them look like regular rings.

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