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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Heart #6 Called "To My Hearts Content"
Here is the center 5 split rings with the starting ring.
I will be jumping out of the center with another split ring and making a Butterfly.  Then center is surrounded by 6 Butterflies.
First Butterfly comes out of the center via a split ring.  Then you end off.  I did place my threads right to conceal my ends, now I'll have to sew them down.  Oh Snap.
2 Butterflies, the second one is worked with just one shuttle.
3 Butterflies done, 3 to go.

4 Butterflies, 2 to go.

5 Butterflies, 1 to go.
6 Butterflies.
The next row was 3 separates sets of split rings, to make the heart shape.

Heart #6 Completed.
Here are all 6 that are completed.  Only 6 more to go.
The first heart has always been my favorite, because it has no split rings.  Since I have been working through the book my skill at doing split rings has increased.  

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