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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#12 - "Heart Blossom"

Heart #12 is called "Heart Blossom"
The center starts with the center ring and climb out with a mock picot to make the outside rings.  I messed up the join again.
The next round is a diamond of daisy's all connected by split rings.  I am getting plenty of practice with split rings on these patterns.  This is the most advanced pattern in the book.
The left top consisted of split rings joined between two daisy at the top.
Repeated the process on the right side.
Another round of split rings at the bottom and daisy's at the top.  The center point was a half daisy where I had to use 3 shuttles.  This picture shows how I messed up.  Had to cut it off and try again.
Repeat the process on the right side.
Here is the picture of all 12 hearts.

#11 "Heartbreaker"

#11 is called "Heartbreaker"
The center looks so pretty all by itself.
The next round I am adding butterflies to the points.  The ring from the previous round is the head for each butterfly.
Butterfly round completed.
On this round I added an overlapping chain with rings connecting the butterfly wings.
Added a butterfly chain on the left side for the top of the heart.
Another Butterfly chain on the right side makes the other top.
Then a split ring chain frames the whole heart.

#10 "Heart Frame"

Heart #10 is called "Heart Frame"

Using 2 shuttles you make alternating rings with a small chain in between each set of rings. The top point was a trefoil.

I made a mistake on the last half and had to cut it off and then forgot to hide the end in one of the rings.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

#9 - "Gypsy Heart"

This is the 9th Heart called "Gypsy Heart"
I messed up the join on the last ring.  
Alternating large and small split rings for the next row.
Added a butterfly to the bottom.
Split ring chains with split ring butterfly's.  I really like this one.
Last row is another split ring chain.

The finished heart.  Really pretty.

#8 - Cupid's Heart"

#8 Cupid's Heart
Made with Butterfly's at the top and bottom of a split ring circle.

The arrow is made starting and the feathered end and using split rings for the shaft and finishing with a clover ring for the point.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Heatfelt from "Tatting Hearts" by Teri Dusenbury

Heart #7 is called "Heartfelt"

Started with a Butterfly and then added 2 split rings.

Then added a split ring circle.

Added 2 more butterflies to the top.

Finished with a edge using 2 shuttles.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Heart #6 Called "To My Hearts Content"
Here is the center 5 split rings with the starting ring.
I will be jumping out of the center with another split ring and making a Butterfly.  Then center is surrounded by 6 Butterflies.
First Butterfly comes out of the center via a split ring.  Then you end off.  I did place my threads right to conceal my ends, now I'll have to sew them down.  Oh Snap.
2 Butterflies, the second one is worked with just one shuttle.
3 Butterflies done, 3 to go.

4 Butterflies, 2 to go.

5 Butterflies, 1 to go.
6 Butterflies.
The next row was 3 separates sets of split rings, to make the heart shape.

Heart #6 Completed.
Here are all 6 that are completed.  Only 6 more to go.
The first heart has always been my favorite, because it has no split rings.  Since I have been working through the book my skill at doing split rings has increased.  

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This in Heart #5 Called "Queen of Hearts"

This is a picture of my favorite reference book.  I always seem to do the last join on a ring wrong, so I pulled this book out to see if I could finally get it right.

Ring just before last ring.

Here I am making the last ring, just ready to try and join the first and last ring without a twisted picot.

Ring folded back, I have been doing it the opposite way in the past.

Still twisted the picot.  Oh Snap.
You can't really see it in this picture, but it is twisted.  Double Snap.
Here is the heart with half the outside row done.
I messed up the half daisy again.
Here is the finished heart.  See my loose thread.  That is the first half daisy.  I did the second one much better.  I'll have to practice this one a few more times.