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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#12 - "Heart Blossom"

Heart #12 is called "Heart Blossom"
The center starts with the center ring and climb out with a mock picot to make the outside rings.  I messed up the join again.
The next round is a diamond of daisy's all connected by split rings.  I am getting plenty of practice with split rings on these patterns.  This is the most advanced pattern in the book.
The left top consisted of split rings joined between two daisy at the top.
Repeated the process on the right side.
Another round of split rings at the bottom and daisy's at the top.  The center point was a half daisy where I had to use 3 shuttles.  This picture shows how I messed up.  Had to cut it off and try again.
Repeat the process on the right side.
Here is the picture of all 12 hearts.


  1. just looking at your collection of hearts they are beautiful, I have a book and only did two of them out of it your on a roll!

  2. Thank you. Still haven't finished the project. Was thinking of putting them on a baby quilt or table runner.