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Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Friday everyone.  I did too much yesterday.  3 hours on my Crowning Touch doily and another hour on the tat-along lace mat.  Here are pictures of both.

The Lace Mat

Pattern by Norma Benporath

Chart drawn by Jon Yusoff

 This is the doily I have been working on since March.

"Crowning Touch"

Pattern in "Elegant Tatting Patterns"

Each point is a little over 3 hours of work.  There are 2 more rows after I get all eight points on the doily.

I wanted to get a whole point on yesterday, before I forgot where to join.  I've messed up the last 2 points by forgetting to join where needed.  You can see my threads that I am going to have to hide.

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